Tom Kloang Pla Nue Aon Krob

Smoke-dried Nue Aon fish meat, deep-fried and boiled in a spicy soup of traditional Thai herbs

Tom Yum Goong

Traditional Thai spicy soup with jumbo prawns (Choice of cream soup or clear soup)

Gaeng Liang Goong Sod

Traditional spicy Thai broth cooked from dried shrimps, served with prawns, local herbs & spices

Gaeng Pa Sub Pla Krai

Chunks of sticky fish meat, minced and mixed in spicy herbal soup

Gaeng Crab Meat Bai Cha Plu

Surat Thani's colossal crab meat lumps and crab roe in spicy red curry with cha plu leaves. Perfect match with rice or rice vermicelli.

Soup Pla Muek Yud Sai

Clear broth of baby squids stuffed with seasoned ground pork

Pa Nang Nue Lai/ Moo

Marbled beef shank or pork red curry, topped with fresh coconut milk and chopped kaffir lime leaves

Moo Cha Muang

Chunks of tender pork meat stewed with Thai herbs and cha muang leaves

Gaeng Massaman Nue/ Gai

Slow-cooked massaman curry with tender beef shank or chicken thigh, potatoes, & peanuts

Gaeng Ki Lek Nue Yang/ Moo Yang

Thai spicy curry of grilled beef or pork, coconut milk, and young ki lek flowers

Green Curry Look Chin Pla Krai

Chewy homemade fish balls in rich & tasty green curry


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