Supanniga Eating Room

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Supanniga Eating Room, the latest exploration in culinary by Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, owner of Supanniga Home Khon Kaen and co-owner of Somtum Der with Tatchai Nakapan, one of the initiators behind Minibar Royale and EST.33, joined force with their groups of friends and family members, the team who has sparked Bangkok eateries in the past years.

It is a perfect combination of their passion in various cuisines and well intention to re-introduce the long lost recipes, ones that were passed down from one generation to another by Thanaruek’s grandmother (khunyai). The idea simply started with a reminiscence of khunyai’ s home cooked meals, which brought these traditional cooking formulas back to life at Supanniga Home Khon Kaen, where it has been well received. It is time to offer the equivalent tastes of home cooking to the people of Bangkok in a price of everyday. With khunyai’s recipes, it is a delightful experience for diners at Supanniga Eating Room to revisit their own family’s kitchens, recollect an old but familiar savour, and reunite with own heritage.

Supanniga Eating Room is a place where friends and family have joined together to create an ideal eating spot right in the heart of the city that still shares authentic and savoury Thai foods. Thanaruek described “Supanniga Eating Room as an ordinary dining room of a warm family where the flavours have been passed on since eighty years ago. The recipes have been transported to the contemporary context, perfect for Bangkok. ”

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