Ka Lum Tod Nam Pla

Fried chinese cabbage gravied with premium fish sauce from Trad province

Pla Too Tod Nam Pla

Wok-fried fresh Thai mackerels with Thai premium fish sauce

Khai Jiew Pu

Fried omelet with crab meat

Khai Jiew Goong

Fried omelet with prawns

Khai Jiew Moo Sub

Fried omelet with minced pork

Khai Yud Sai

Sauteed pork and prawns with onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, seasoned and wrapped in thin omelet sheet

Choo Chi Goong Yang

Grilled prawns served with Thai sweet and spicy curry

Choo Chi Pla Salid

Crispy leaf fish deep-fried and dry-sauteed with Thai sweet and spicy curry

Pad Ka Nah Pla Kem Koh Chang

Hong Kong kale stir-fried with salted fish from Koh Chan

Ka Prow Nue Lai

Tender beef slices, stir-fried with Holy basil & chilli

"Son in Law" Eggs

Fried medium-boiled eggs, served with three-flavor sauce and fried shallots

Crab Meat Pad Prik Lueng

Stir-fried Surat Thani's colossal crab meat lumps with yellow bell peppers and yellow chili paste

Kai Yok Song

Special shape omelet with premium ingredients; colossal crab meat, prawn, basil, bird's eye chili, and Koh Chang's shrimp paste.

Hor Mok Crab Meat

Steamed Surat Thani's colossal crab meat lumps with curry paste served in banana-leave cups


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