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Dishes available at Supanniga Eating Room rooted from khunyai’s hometown, Trad and Chantaburi provinces and a little tint from Isaan touch. Only premium quality ingredients from seaside towns like fish sauce, kapi, dried shrimps, pepper, and salted fish are used.

At Supanniga Eating Room, the team searches for the unbeatable ingredients to make the traditional dishes even more delicious. Diners can choose from light dishes like pu jah, blended crabmeat and pork seasoned with purely refined pepper from Chantaburi and steamed inside crab shell, a dish that needs meticulous preparation or khao krieb nahm jim, steamed flat rice noodle with spicy dried shrimp dressing, a dish hardly found anywhere.

Different types of curries, stews, and soups cater individual preferences, from gaeng pa “sparrow on chopping board”, chunk of sticky fish meat minced and mixed with spicy herbal, panang nue lai, beef chunk red curry topped with fresh coconut and chopped kaffir lime leaves, a dish which guarantees to give a melt-in-your-mouth effect, moo cha muang, chunks of tender pork meats stewed with Thai herbs and cha muang leaves, a dish that not many Thais know about, to a simply famous curry like gaeng masaman nue, slow-cooked masaman curry with tender beef shanks, potatoes, and peanuts.

Vegetables’ lovers will be enticed by mouthwatering green dishes like ka lum tod num pla, fried Chinese cabbage gravied with premium fish sauce from Trad, or pad ka nah pla kem koh chang, Hong Kong kale stir-fried with salted fish from Koh Chang. Here, fresh vegetables are carefully picked to go with prime ingredients from the sea.

Of course, there is nothing better than accompanying these flavourful selections with a planned perfectly drink list. Opt for Supanniga Eating Room’s Signature Virgins, a range of sophisticated mocktails, perfect blend of freshly squeezed juices that will fulfill the meal.

Signature cocktails are on the list to choose from for those who like to entertain the meal even more. Starting from a light one like Kate’s Mojito, a Mojito with dark rum, to a little enchanting one like Lemon Drop. Fine wine selection can also be paired excellently with the food.

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