Supanniga Appetizer Platter

Ma Hor, Mieng Yong, & Khaotang Namprik Kakmoo

Pu Jah

Blended crabmeat and pork, seasoned and steamed inside crab shells

Ma Hor

Minced pork stir-fried with garlic and peanuts served on tangerine. Sweet, salty with citrus tang

Mieng Yong

Dried shreded pork, peanuts, and sweet roasted coconut wrapped in cha plu leaves

Khao Tung Nam Prik Pao Kak Moo

Rice crackers with Khun Yai's famous chilli pork crackling dip

Crispy Beef Jerky

Sun-dried beef jerky, crisp-fried with kaffir lime leaves

Fried Pork Jerky

Fried sesame-marinated pork jerky with kaffir lime leaves

Crispy Mushrooms & Lotus Roots

Deep-fried mushrooms & lotus roots served with passion fruit dip

Crispy Prawn Wontons

Whole-prawn wontons, deep-fried and served with sweet dip

Fried Isan Sausages

Pork fermented with rice, served with local condiments. A little sour, a little salty.

Fried Chicken Wings

Tasty chicken wings, crisp-fried to perfection


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