Khao Pad Ka Nah Pla Kem Goong Wan

Fried rice with salted fish and stir-fried Hong Kong kale, served with sweetend shrimps from Trad

Fried Rice - Crabmeat

Fried rice with chunky crab meat, shallots & eggs

Fried Rice - Prawns

Fried rice with prawns and eggs

Khao Pad Nam Prik Pao Pla Sa Lid

Spicy fried rice with crispy leaf fish

Khao Klook Ka Pi

Jasmine rice seasoned with fermented shrimp paste, served with shredded eggs, barbecued pork, and green mango

Pad Thai Crabmeat & Crab Roe

Special Pad Thai made with chunks of crabmeat, crab roe, and our unique sauce

Khon Kaen Fried Rice

Fried rice seasoned with spicy Thai mackerel paste, served with Chinese sweet sausage and Vietnamese sausage

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Fried rice with an assortment of mushrooms and vegetables

Chef's Signature Wok-fried Seafood Suki

Wok-fried rice vermicelli with seafood, vegetables, and our signature suki sauce


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