Yum Som-O Krueng Srong

Pomelo salad with grilled prawns, shredded sweet pork, shredded chicken & ground dry shrimp

Yum Moo Yaw

Vietnamese pork sausage salad in spicy lime dressing

Yum Tua Puu Goong Sod

Crunchy winged bean salad with prawns and boiled egg in chilli paste dressing

Yum Nue Lai

Sliced marbled beef shank, tossed with spicy dressing and garnished with fried garlic

Yum Crispy Leaf Fish

Chunks of crispy leaf fish in spicy dressing

Yum Goong Yang

Chunks of grilled prawns tossed with cucumber, shallots, tomatoes, and spicy dressing

Larb Mushroom

Minced mushroom salad with peppermint, lime, and freshly roasted rice


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